Chapter 24

Greenhouse Pesticides

Pesticide Laws and Regulations

There are many federal and state pesticide laws and regulations that control pesticide use by private, commercial, and urban pesticide applicators. These laws provide not only a method of registering pesticides but also a system of classifying pesticides for general or restricted use, a method of labeling pesticides, and a training and licensing system for farm applicators using restricted use pesticides.


The United States government mainly through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is primarily responsible for regulating pesticides. The EPA is responsible for implementing federal pesticide policies under two statutes: the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, governing the sale and use of pesticide products within the United States, and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which limits pesticide residues on food in interstate commerce (including imports).

Pesticide Registration

EPA is responsible for federal pesticide registration. After a pesticide is registered by EPA, states can register pesticides under specific state pesticide registration laws.


Federal law requires that a person who purchases or applies a restricted use pesticide must be certified and receive periodic pesticide safety training. State laws and regulations require that a person who purchases or applies restricted use pesticides have a current pesticide applicator license.

Record Keeping

In accordance with the 1990 Farm Bill, the law requires all private applicators to keep record(s) of their use of federally restricted use pesticides (RUP) for a period of 2 years. The United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) Pesticide Records Branch administers the Federal pesticide recordkeeping regulations through compliance and educational outreach activities. AMS utilizes the services of State pesticide regulatory agencies to conduct record compliance inspections in most States, which are under the Federal pesticide recordkeeping regulations.


Each state has pesticide laws governing pesticide sale, use, disposal, storage and transportation. State pesticide laws may be more restrictive than federal laws, but they may not allow the sale or use of pesticides that are not allowed by federal law. The state laws may control certification and recertification of private and commercial applicators as well as provide additional restrictions on pesticides registered for use such as regulate businesses providing pesticide application services and dealers selling restricted use pesticides.

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